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Players, Officials, Administrators & Members Code Of Conduct

This document in its entirety provides guidance on non-acceptable standards of behavior and possible resultant actions whilst a player, official, administrator or member is participating in any event organized for, or on behalf of, or by invitation to, the Atlanta Kookaburras Australian Rules Football Club, herein after called the Club.

The Player, Official, Administrator or Member agrees to;

  • Acknowledge the rules of the Club and any other body that may govern the Club in its activities from time to time.
  • Abide by the laws of the State Of Georgia and any other lawful jurisdiction where activities of the Club take place.
  • Not knowingly engage in any behavior that is racially vilifying, intimidating, insulting, offensive, degrading, humiliating or threatening towards any person who comes in contact with any activities the club sponsors or participates in.
  • Not intentionally direct to a player, umpire, official, event participant or spectator of a game; abuse, insults, intent to injure, or will remonstrate or argue excessively, show aggressive behavior to, engage in any other action that would endanger another, or conduct themselves in an “unsportsmanlike” manner or in a way that is considered at the time or at a later time “detrimental to the clubs purpose”.

Violations of this Policy:

  • If in a game situation, a player or official who violates this policy shall be ordered from the field for the rest of the term being played by the main officiating umpire or by the most senior Club Executive official present. A second incident during the same game will result in the player or official being no longer permitted to participate in the game.
  • Violations of this policy will be accumulated in one calendar year, in that following a second incident at any other time for the following year, a third game incident is reported, or an incident at some other event organized by the club is reported, or an incident at an event the club is participating in is reported, the incident will be brought to the Executive Board for determination of action against the player or person in question.
  • Furthermore, any single incident by a player, official or member at an event organized by the club, or an event the club is participating in, that is deemed to be a violation of this policy can be brought to the Executive Board for determination of action against the person by any member of the club or any member of the general public.
  • The Executive Board shall meet to determine action against the player, official or member up to and including suspension from all club activities as they see fit within 72 hrs of being notified of third incident in game play or notified by some other single incident being reported to them. The Executive Board may hear a submissions by the accused person and any witnesses it deems appropriate before making a determination against such person.
  • The Executive Board acknowledges that three incidents and violations could in fact occur in one day or at one game or at one event. Senior club officials shall be ranked accordingly, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer or any person clearly designated by them if they are all to be absent for any event.
  • The Executive Board reserves the right to ban a person from participating or attending any event conducted or organized on behalf of the club including social & special events, practice or training, local games, Kookaburra team games, National Championships games and participation in USAFL National teams for any length of time it shall see fit.

Approved by Board of Directors, Atlanta Kookaburras Inc.
Version 1.0 : Monday 10th March 2014