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Can you do one of the following? Pass like in basketball, kick like in soccer, chase like in hockey, run like in track, jump like in volleyball or catch like in football? Then you are in the right place because our AFLS game, a variation of Aussie Rules Football, has all this and actually more. Add fun, safe for everyone, high scoring, communication and teamwork and you have a game that combines all six of these sports and some. 

We are introducing to Atlanta our local family social sports game that anyone really can play called AFLS.  AFL stands for Australian Football League, the S = Social.

The game is played 7 aside, on a field 75-90 yards in length normally used for soccer or football (or can be slightly oval shape) and will have men's, women's and co-ed games.  The game is entirely safe like any other Recreation sport, so is a 100% non tackle and non contact game everyone can enjoy. It will great for keeping yourself and the entire family fit and active during winter or the whole year round. The added bonus is having a ton of fun and meeting many new friends. You might even meet some Aussies!

Teams are forming now (Sign up your team now), or sign up as an individual and we will place you on a team that needs you. And you only need 7 players to play. A minimum of 3 women on the field at any time is required for co-ed league games and they score higher points when they kick a goal, so ladies come on down. Players can rotate on and off the field at any time for a rest, so a few extas will come in handy.


Even young teenagers as young as 13 can play with parents full permission, so it can be a fun sport for the whole family. The games are played with 4 x 10 minutes quarters.

Teams will receive a high quality T-shirt that they can keep, have access to coaching and instruction and can participate in after game social events. To maybe brag about that big win! Fully trained referees, fields and all equipment like footballs are provided. And of course league and game results will be published right after the game.

With addition of men's and women's AFLX games and full travel teams for the Atlanta Kookaburras road games, the Atlanta area now has a defined pathway to develop players that could one day play for the USA Revolution men's team or USA Freedom women's team and travel internationally representing the USA. Wouldn't that be cool?

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Got questions? Use this contact form to contact AFLS league administrators from the Atlanta Kookaburras.




Where We Play

2020 Playing at NH Scott Park

Google Map it here