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Midtown v Western 4/16/11

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Midtown Bombers vs Western Bulldogs 4/16/2011

It was another great day for footy, with sunny and cool conditions after the huge storm that went through Atlanta on Friday night. The ground was a little waterlogged on one wing, but that didn't prevent the Midtown Bombers and the Western Bulldogs going at it.

The game was preceded with a minute's silence for Dave Evans' late father, who passed away suddenly midweek. The club extends it's sincerest sympathies to Dave and his family.

Minutes_SilenceWith Western missing Dave's enthusiasm and ruck dominance, Midtown won all the rucks. This proved to be decisive as the first quarter was a Midtown running affair with Simon Davis, playing on the wing, able to get open at will and move the ball forward. He kicked the opening goal and had 2 more for the quarter. Russ Barner, capitalizing on Evans' absence, was not just winning taps at the centre bounce, but directing his taps to his playmakers. Barner kicked 2 goals and Curtis Jones, playing the center position to perfection, kicked 1. Jones also gave great service to Olsheski with long driving kicks to the Midtown forward. Olsheski battled Western's Eric Baker all day. Rob Schierholz, back from a few weeks absence from injury, played his usual aggressive role and chipped in with a goal, ending with a couple on the day. For Western, it was Brent Bacon and Wayne Kraska being the sole goal kickers, with Kraska's being the first of two, impossible angle, shots that brought the crowd to their feet.

At the first break, it was Midtown with a comfortable 5 goal lead, 7.2 (44) to 2.1 (13)

Western's games this year have followed a similar pattern. Starting slow, allowing opposition teams to get several goals ahead, then building in the second quarter, dominating in the third quarter and then collapsing in the final quarter. And this game seemed to fit into this pattern. After their slow first quarter start, Western started getting into the game, with Wayne Kraska and the late arriving Adam Ellison pushed into more defensive roles, this helped contain the Midtown forward advances. Two goals to Western's Chase Trujillo, the diminutive half forward flanker, gave his team inspiration and they clawed their back into the game. But with Barner still winning all the center knocks, the ball continued to head into the Midtown forward line. With stout defending from Ricky Challen and Braden Medders, Western play became more fluid and, together with Baker, they started to get the advantage over their taller opponents. A goal to Western's Adam Ellison brought the scores closer, but late goals to Davis, Barner and the ever industrious Mike Powers, helped restore Midtown's 5 goal lead.

At half time, it was Midtown 10.7 (67) to Western 5.2 (32)

Simon Davis, still running clear on the wing, was main Midtown playmaker and only his lazy shots on goal prevented his team from running away the game. Midtown peppered their goal in the third quarter, but couldn't kick straight. 6 consecutive behinds, assisted by Western's usual third quarter dominance allowed the latter team to creep closer on the scoreboard. It was turning into a typical Western performance as they showed renewed vigor and had the Midtown players on the back foot. Goals to Trujillo, Bacon and Kraska buoyed the team. Although still losing on the ruck, Western players, like Brent Kewley and Wayne Mitchell, were throwing themselves into packs in an effort to get back into the game. But for all their effort, a late goal from Russ Barner meant that Western had only gained a goal on the Midtown lead, leaving them over 4 goals behind at the last break.

At the final break, it was Midtown 11.14 (80) to Western 8.3 (51).

And true their previous games, Western ran out of puff in the last quarter and they allowed Midtown to kick the first 4 goals in quick succession. Goals to Janson Deloach (who loves being on the half forward flank and always finding himself open), Jones, Davis and Olsheski sealed the win for their team. A brief recovery for Western, with goals to Trujillo (his fourth) and Kraska (his third), was snuffed out with further goals from Schierholz, Barner and Davis, sealing the deal. Davis had a great game, kicking 6 goals, but should have 10. I guess having too much time isn't good for Davis as he kicked some beautiful goals while under pressure.

The final score justified Midtown's dominance of this game and there can be no complaints about the result. Midtown won by 10 goals, 18.17 (125) to 10.5 (65)

Dean Morfitt has become a great addition to the Atlanta football scene, with strong defense, strong marking and long kicks out of defense.

Chase Trujillo played a perfect half forward flanker role, kicking 4 goals. Being slight in stature, the defenders couldn't find him. His should really remember his first real taste of Aussie football by being on the receiving end of a Schierholz tackle.

Eric Baker was busy all day guarding the much taller Carson Olsheski. With Olsheski kicking 4 behinds (and Midtown 17) Baker was always in the thick of things, with his long driving kicks out of the backline.

Midtown dominated the overall play, which left Western short on attacking players. Captain Joey Costyn provided a captain's drive out of the half back line and let very little get through.

Braden Medders battled all day in defense for Western and is proving to be hard to beat, with his size, speed and strength.

The fit and trim(mer) looking Brent Bacon gave Western a target at centre half forward, but with the pressure that Midtown were applying to the Western playmakers, it made for sloppy delivery to Brent and made his day that much harder. He was always looking to get others involved instead of taking the obvious route to goal.

So, even with the inspiration of trying to win the game for missing captain Dave Evans, Western were not able to put together 4 quarters of football and were overwhelmed by Midtown's running players. The next game, in two weeks, between Midtown and Roswell will go a long way to deciding this years premiers. Western will need more consistency if they hope to win their first game.


Midtown: Davis 6, Barner 4, Jones 2, Olsheski 2, Schierholz 2, Deloach 1, Powers 1

Western: Trujillo 4, Kraska 3, Bacon 2, Ellsion 1

Best players:

Midtown: Davis, Jones, Barner, Costyn, Schierholz, Morfitt

Western: Trujillo, Kraska, Bacon, Medders, Baker, Ellison

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