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The Atlanta Kookaburras travelled to Baton Rouge to take on the Tigers of BTR and the Houston Lonestars and came away with 2 wins.

In hot and humid conditions following Isaacs visit to LA, the Kookas played the Houston Lonestars first up. It was a close encounter for both halves of the game, but the Kookas came out on top by 19 points.

Game 1:

Atlanta     3.2   6.4 (40)
Houston   0.1   3.3 (21)

Crist 1, Frost 1, Jones 1, Olsheski 1, Trombley 1, K.Davis 1


In the second game, the Kookas started strongly and piled on the pressure against the BTR Tigers. With a consistent supply of the ball, Paul O'Connor was the star of the game with 5 goals

Game 2:

Atlanta              6.8  12.12 (84)
Baton Rouge     1.0    2.1 (13)


O'Connor 5, Frost 2, Willmott 2, Jones 1, Ward 1, Batten 1


Highlights of the weekend were:

  • Paul O'Connor kicking 5 goals
  • Justin Ward kicking his first goal ... after whiffing on the previous attempt
  • Carson Olsheski dominating the rucking contests (again)
  • Wayne Kraska crashing to the ground ... after tripping over his own feet. The umpire called "play on", but everyone was laughing too much to continue. He redeemed himself by being one of the best players on the ground (again)
  • Captain Curtis whiffing on an attempted outside of the right foot kick. He redeemed himself by scooping up the ball and kicking a rare goal
  • The Old Man coming out of retirement (again) to run round on the field and kick a goal. The Titanic never turned so slowly.
  • Benny Crist trying to pass to the full forward ... missing, but kicking a goal instead. Nice pass Benny.
  • Matty Williamson being frustrated at not being able to play, but did a great job as runner.
  • Justin Willmott scored his first 2 goals for the club and played his best game as well.
  • Josh Trombley scored his first goal for the club.
  • Excellent jambalaya from the host BTR Tigers, plus lots of eye candy.