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Kookas hang tough to defeat New York Magpies

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The Atlanta Kookaburras played their toughest opponent this year in the New York Magpies and hung tough to win by 3 points.

Fresh off their two wins last weekend against Baton Rouge and Houston, the Kookas knew this would be a big test of their readiness for the US Nationals and they started of full of running and took it to the Maggies with a 5 goal first quarter.

Chris Moerman was under all sorts of pressure at Full Forward as New York must have remembered his domination of them at last year's Nationals. Chris finished with 6 goals and having Steve Townley at Center Half Forward took the pressure off of Chris. Steve is a strong mark and an accurate kick, scoring 4 of his own goals from 5 attempts.

The Kookas midfield had another impressive showing with Curtis Jones and Brett Ancell showing the way again. With Wayne Kraska going off early with a rib injury, the rest of the team rallied and held off the strong finishing Magpies.

The tailgating aftergame at the Georgia Tech campus was very successful and a definite repeat for next year. With many players from both teams "assuming the position" a great time was had by all.


Atlanta                 5.3   6.6   10.8   13.12 (90)  
New York 2.1 5.5 8.8 13.9 (87)


Goal Kickers:

Moerman 6, Townley 4,  Trujillo 2, Crist 1