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As Australians know, in a game of footy, there are lots of ball ups and, hopefully, not too many balls ups. Well last Saturday 20 Kookas travelled to Charleston to help the fledgling club get established in the USAFL. What they found was a small field being graded, another field that required a permit and, finally a small baseball field that we could use for a match. What they also found was the home team providing 3 players for their first inter-city match. In short, it was a colossal balls up.

On a stinking hot day, they first sat at a middle school ground watching it being graded. Finally someone from Charleston turned up and appeared just as surprised at the construction going on. A quick change of venue ensued, only to be changed mid-route to the aforementioned baseball field.

With the 3 local lads involved, the Kookas managed a valuable intra-squad scrimmage in the searing heat, and then it was off to the beach for a much-needed recuperation. So the weekend wasn’t a total loss, except for the fact that the Kookas outlaid around $1000 in hotel and gas money for a non-event. Perhaps the US Congress could subpoena the Charleston organizer (who was a complete no-show for the weekend) to testify as to what happened. There certainly wasn’t anything fast and furious going on by the home team.

The Kookas next game will be against the Tampa Redbacks on July 14th and they can be assured that sufficient contact has been made with that team. Should be good game against a team we’ve played before