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Skills Day 2 is this Saturday (Feb. 23rd) at 11:00am

at Dekalb Memorial Park

- followed by -

Virginia Highlands Bar Crawl starting at 6pm at Moe's and Joe's

Facebook Event Details Here

For any new players or people just interested in the club this is a great opportunity to come down and say g'day and get ansers to any questions you may have. We'll be running some light drills and getting back in to the feel of playing after time off for winter. This is preperation to help be ready for the start of the AARFL season next Saturday.

It was great to get a footy back in the hands and off the boot last week. We had a pretty good turn out to the first skills day and are looking to see more players down for round 2. The weather was warmer than expected and it was good to see everyone back on the field again. For those of us who did make it down, it was a wake up call to what we are in for shortly with the start of the season. Winter lazyness has left most of us a little out of shape and running around quickly became tough.