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The 2013 AARFL Season is almost here. Download a PDF copy of the schedule to stick to your fridge [here]. We'll be having two skills days to give new players a feel for things and get returning players back in to the swing of things.

Skills Day 1: Saturday Feb. 16th followed a bar crawl (details to come)

Skills Day 2: Saturday Feb. 23rd followed by Virgina Highlands Bar Craw - See facebook event for details.

New AARFL Format.

  • 1 week on, 1 week off. 
  • Each team will play 2 games on the day of play, a game each against the other 2 teams.
  • All games to take place at Dekalb Memorial Park.
  • Arrive at 9:30am to warm up and help set up.
  • Game will be 2 x 20min halves.
  •  8 vs. 8 minimum, unless otherwise agreed upon by captains.
  • Non-playing team will be responsible for helping with umpiring/boundaries, scoring, time keeping etc.
  • At most there will be 6 weekends of playing.