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On Tues December 4th the new board of directors gathered for their first meeting to discuss the future of the club for the 2013 year. The minutes for the meeting can be found here.

Highlights for the meeting include:


2013 Goals:

1. Improve involvement with the community
2. Work on finding new fields
3. Obtain $5000 of sponsor ship 

Work has begun on the club hosting a new Kookas/USAFL season opener tournament on the weekend of Cinco De Mayo.

AARFL Scheduling was discussed and is likely to shift to a new 3 game setup each Saturday where each team gets a match against both other teams. This will allow for a one week on, one week off schedule giving players a break from playing every other weekend.

The next board meeting is to be held at the Whitehall Tavern,Wednesday January 9th, 7:30pm (The second Wednesday of the month). As always we invite all members of the club to come along and contribute in anyway they can, even for just a beer.