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The Atlanta Kookaburras Annual General Meeting was held recently where the Executive and Board Members were elected for the 2013 business year. Michael Frost the President for 2012 was elected to continue his role in 2013.

Reports were presented to the meeting by several of the officers including a financial statement by Treasurer Carson Olsheski that showed the Kookas survived nearly solely on the income from player membership fees during the playing season.

The Kookaburras Annual meeting was conducted at the Whitehall Tavern in Buckhead and had maybe the lowest attendance seen in recent times. This lead to many of the official board positions passing without someone being elected to those positions.

Read the following for all the results of the elections and a message from the President.


  • President : Michael Frost
  • Vice President : Braden Medders
  • Secretary : Mike Gross
  • Treasurer : Justin Willmott
  • Social Projects Manager : Joey Costyn
  • Fundraising Manager : Vacant
  • Recruitment Manager : Vacant
  • Football Manager : Vacant
  • Communications Manager : Vacant
  • At Large Board Members: Brett Findlay, Matt Williamson, Scott Tuttle, Dave Evans


President Michael Frost

The board member's of the Kookas hope everyone enjoyed the year and special thanks go to those who put in a special effort to help out. Jim batten ,Wayne Kraska, Braden Medders ,Carson Olsheski and many others. Whilst we did have some success on the field this year our nationals result was not what we were looking for. The effort on the weekend was good, to take more players than ever before to the tournament, but it was our effort during the year, lack of training attendance, that hurt us.

The 2013 Board of Management will be putting recruiting as the clubs number one priority in the upcoming year. If you have a recruiting idea, talk it over with one or two of the board members and then put a proposal to the entire board. We cannot leave this to just a few, everyone has to get involved. If we don't our club is destined to achieve the same results as this year !

Please have a safe holiday season.

Michael J Frost

President AKARFC