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In the closest Best & Fairest voting in some time, two players shared the honors for the 2012 AARFL Season. Roswell’s Chris Moerman and Daniel Searle tied for the top award with 10 votes apiece.

There were 27 players receiving votes this year, a sign of the strength of the competition.

Searle hit the lead after the first 4 rounds of votes were counted. Moerman tied the lead after round 6 and went ahead after the 7th and maintained the lead through the penultimate round.

Searle and Western’s Tim Day were tied for second and the last round’s votes were heart stopping.

First, Day got a 2 vote to put him in front. Then Moerman got a 2 vote to put him back in the lead. Finally, Searle got a 3 vote to put him first with Moerman.

Moerman won it last year and continued with his good form this year. Searle finished third last year and has picked it up a notch to be co-B&F for 2012.

Day has had a great year with the Western Bulldogs and really came on strong in the last rounds of the competition.

Full voting is as follows:

10 Chris Moerman RR
10 Daniel Searle RR
9 Tim Day WB
6 Simon Davis MB
5 Brandt Kireta MB
5 Cameron Hellinger WB
5 Dave Evans WB
5 Eric Baker RR
5 Matt Williamson MB
3 Mitch Brennan MB
3 Scott Tuttle MB
2 Brian Crawford RR
2 Chase Trujillo WB
2 Curtis Jones MB
2 Jeremiah Cain MB
2 Justin Willmott WB
2 Matt Keazer MB
2 Russ Barner MB
2 Wayne Kraska WB
1 Ben Crist WB
1 Brandon Johnson RR
1 Brendon Johsnon RR
1 David Aurisch RR
1 Josh Trombley MB
1 Mike Gross RR
1 Paul O'Connor WB
1 Rob Schierholz RR